Back to Work After Addiction


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Back To Work After Addiction will be an evening of inspiring and heart-wrenching talks by influential figures within the Media and Communications industry. Each speaker has personal experience of addiction and will talk about how this has shaped who they are and how they work.

About Back To Work After

Life-changing events can and do happen to anyone and everyone. Support from the people you work with is vital when it comes to going back to work after cancer, miscarriage, addiction, bereavement or any other life-changing moment. Yet no one shares their experiences or talks about them openly, which is why I created Back to Work After.

In 2019 I hosted Back to Work After Cancer and Back to Work After Miscarriage, both events were a huge success thanks to my wonderful speakers, sponsors and the charities involved. I plan on continuing the series by tackling Addiction and the Menopause in 2020.

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Who is it for?

Back To Work After Addiction is for anyone who has been addicted to anything or anyone who wants to help a colleague or team member who is in recovery. 

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